Tubular Keys


What Are Tubular Keys?

Tubular locks and keys offer a higher level of security compared to standard pin tumbler locks, which can be incredibly beneficial when working with products that require a higher level of security. Vending machines, coin-operated devices, gaming machines, and even safes are just a few of the many products that often utilize tubular locks. 

However, with this advancement in technology and security comes an increase in inefficiency when it comes to repairs and maintenance. It’s not easy to secure the parts needed for your tubular lock set like it is for a regular lock and key. In addition, not all locksmiths are properly prepared to handle or provide services relating to tubular locks. Here are some other products that often require tubular keys:

Our team is comprised of Arizona locksmiths that are both licensed and properly equipped to handle tubular locks. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.

Our Services


Our team can help you out if you happen to lose your tubular key, or need to create a duplicate through our decoding services.


When it comes to replacing your tubular locks, we can assess your security needs, as well as ensure proper installation.

Key Cutting

Our team has the right equipment and expertise to duplicate or create tubular keys, ensuring a precise fit.

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