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Spooky Key Facts For Halloween

Halloween is a perfect time to focus on the eerie, macabre, and downright unearthly facets of life that we’re typically too busy to reflect on. What with Halloween being right around the corner, what better way to celebrate the holiday than to dedicate an article to spooky key facts. After all, as Arizona locksmiths, it’s a topic regarding what we know best! Join us on this Halloween adventure as we unearth the unsettling secrets that make keys and locks more than just tools for security.

Creepy Key Stories

The Haunted Hotel Room

While this story in particular doesn’t exactly relate to keys in the sense that we, as locksmiths, work with them, it’s still an interesting story nonetheless! The infamous room 217 in the Stanley Hotel actually serves as the inspiration for a number of horror movies, including the shining. The Colorado hotel is rumored to house the wandering soul of the former hotel owner, F.O. Stanley. Some say that he still roams the halls, refusing to check out — even in the afterlife! Guests have also reported hearing piano music emanating from an empty ballroom, only to discover the key notes mysteriously moving on their own.

The Vanishing Keys of Alcatraz

Alcatraz is well-known across American media. The former maximum security prison has been a star in movies like The Rock, and Escape From Alcatraz. Furthermore, its tales of mystery are also widely circulated. Inmates and guards alike have reported hearing phantom footsteps, cell doors clanging shut, and the jingling of a rattling key. Along this same vein, some have reported that the keys to the prison cells disappeared after the prison’s closure in 1963, never to be seen again. While some may blame carelessness on the disappearance of these keys, others claim a more supernatural force is at work.

The Cursed Latchkey

The 19th century was and still is considered a time steeped in superstition and mysticism. From potions to the occult, it’s no surprise that many considered objects to have a deeper, more mystical meaning. Of course, this also related to locks and keys, but there was one key in particular that captivated the attention of many. Known as “The Latchkey of London,” this key was thought to be cursed. If one had the misfortune of having this key in their possession, they would inevitably meet an untimely, and quite gruesome, death. Some theories as to why this key was so cursed were attributed to the origins of the key itself. Legend has it that the latchkey was forged from metal salvaged from the wreckage of the Great Fire of London. Well, with a background like that, it’s no surprise at all why the key was regarded as cursed.

The Enchanted Door

Once again we turn our attention to London, but this time we direct our scrutiny toward a cemetery, rather than a key. Highgate Cemetery is known for its stunning architecture and eerie ambiance, but it’s not the burial plots that intrigue paranormal enthusiasts. Rather, it’s the enigmatic Egyptian Avenue. The entrance to the avenue is marked by an imposing door, with a rather unique keyhole. Rumor has it that anyone who manages to find the right key will be able unlock unimaginable secrets. Who knows, perhaps upon finding the right key, the holder will be able to access a realm beyond our wildest imaginations?

The Phantom Locksmith

In 1934, the small town of Wetumka, Oklahoma was plagued by a criminal known as the “Phantom Locksmith.”  This burglar would break into businesses at night, which in and of itself isn’t that unusual. However, at each of the crime sites, there were no signs of forced entry, nor any picked locks. To this day, many are perplexed at how he simply opened locked doors without leaving a trace. Though cops arrested a number of people, none of the suspects were able to explain how he achieved his supernatural break-ins. The phantom locksmith remains a mystery to this day, with his lock-picking methods eternally shrouded in darkness.

The Shadow Keys of Chernobyl

Many notable places in history have a tendency to be linked with the supernatural. The same can be said about The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Known for the catastrophic nuclear disaster, this site is also infamous for eerie happenings. Visitors to the zone have reported seeing shadowy figures with keys. Witnesses of these figures claim that the spirits act as if they are locked in a never-ending purgatory. Many believe these figures to be the spirits of those who perished in the disaster, still guarding the secrets of Chernobyl.

The Vanishing Keys of Bermuda Triangle

Who hasn’t heard of the Bermuda Triangle, honestly? The place is practically synonymous with the word “Supernatural.” Located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, the zone has been associated with the unexplained disappearances of numerous ships and aircraft over the years. While the peculiar phenomenon has been largely attributed to natural causes, such as weather, mechanical failures, or human errors, some theories suggest paranormal elements. Some of the most peculiar cases that leave scientists baffled include incidents where ships have vanished without a trace. In these cases, both crew and ship seem to mysteriously vanish, leaving behind only a key to the vessel, eerily hanging from a hook.

As Halloween approaches, our fascination with the eerie and unknown intensifies. The key dangling from your chain might seem like an ordinary facet of your daily life. However, the stories we’ve uncovered reveal a world steeped in mystery and the supernatural. From haunted hotel rooms to cursed keys, these tales remind us that even the most mundane objects can hold secrets beyond our imagination. So, the next time you hear a creak in the night or a jingle of keys, remember that things may not be entirely as they seem. Happy Halloween!

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