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Where is The Safest State To Live?

It shouldn’t come as a secret that, when it comes to choosing a place to live, safety is typically considered to be the top priority for individuals and families. Naturally, there’s often a lot that you can personally do to ensure the safety of your home — ensuring that you’re following home safety practices and  utilizing up-to-date can help to serve as a major deterrent to potential crime. Furthermore, there are a lot of variables that can determine whether an area is safe or not, and as such, the question of which state is the safest may be a rather subjective question. However, we will attempt to be as objective as possible in analyzing where the safest state to live is by analyzing three facets of home security: likelihood of break-ins, home security measures, and lock technology.

Likelihood of Break-Ins

To gauge the likelihood of break-ins, we will examine crime rates, including burglary statistics, across various states. According to recent FBI data, states such as Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire consistently rank among the lowest in terms of property crime rates. These states offer a safe environment with tight-knit communities and low population densities, factors that can act as deterrents to potential burglars.

Home Security Measures

While living in an area where the burglary rate is low can be incredibly beneficial, it’s also valuable to consider the effect of  home security measures that residents implement to protect their properties. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the prevalence of security systems, gated communities, neighborhood watch programs, and police presence can all have an impact on how safe a neighborhood, (and by extension, one’s own property), is. States like Hawaii and Rhode Island prioritize home security, boasting high rates of residential security systems and gated communities. Additionally, community-driven initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs can significantly enhance the overall security in a state.

Lock Technology

Advancements in technology seem to be improving at an exponential rate, and the lock industry isn’t exempt from this. Lock technology has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, offering homeowners a greater level of protection, and states who are at the forefront of embracing  innovative lock technologies help to ensure enhanced security for their residents’ homes. One notable example is California, which is known for its technological advancements. Silicon Valley, located in California, serves as a hub for cutting-edge technology companies that develop smart lock systems and home automation solutions. These advanced lock technologies provide added layers of security, such as biometric authentication and remote monitoring, allowing residents to have better control over their home security.

Safest States Based on the Criteria

However, after analyzing the likelihood of break-ins, home security measures, and lock technology advancements, it’s still worth analyzing the states that have emerged as top contenders for the title of the “safest state to live in.” By looking at the states below and analyzing your own personal definition of safety, you can have a better understanding of what exactly you want in your own home security.


With its low crime rates and close-knit communities, Vermont consistently ranks among the safest states in the nation in surveys. Residents benefit from a strong sense of community, which promotes active neighborhood watch programs and vigilant residents keeping an eye out for one another.


Known for its picturesque landscapes and small-town charm, Maine is another state with low crime rates and a strong community spirit. Residents take pride in safeguarding their neighborhoods, resulting in a secure living environment.


Despite its reputation as a tourist destination, Hawaii has invested heavily in home security. The state boasts a high number of residential security systems and gated communities, creating a strong deterrent for potential criminals.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s low population density contributes to its overall safety. With tight-knit communities and low crime rates, residents enjoy a secure living environment. The state’s commitment to community policing further strengthens its safety profile.


Although California has higher crime rates compared to the aforementioned states, its technological advancements and innovative lock technologies make it a strong contender. The presence of Silicon Valley has led to the development of cutting-edge smart lock systems and home automation solutions, providing residents with advanced security measures.

When choosing a state to live, considering factors such as the likelihood of break-ins, home security measures, and lock technology advancements is crucial. While states like Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and California stand out as some of the safest in the United States for home security when considering these factors, it’s important to remember that safety is a multifaceted concept. Factors like personal vigilance, community involvement, and local law enforcement play significant roles in creating a secure living environment. By considering these criteria, you can also ensure that your home is secured, regardless of whether you’re in one of the aforementioned “safest states to live in.”

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